Teaching Interests

My doctoral research focused on an American missionary in China who was an advisor to President Chiang Kai-shek.  Regionally, I focus on both China and the United States.  Topically, I look at both religious and diplomatic / IR history.  Period-wise, my focus is on the 20th century.  I teach both history and political studies.

In practice I teach both halves of American history surveys, upper division courses in Modern China, American Foreign Policy, Modern America, and Research Methods.

Although my are of interest is in both diplomatic and religious history, the nexus is how religion influences public policy, both foreign and domestic.  In that vein I am also interested in religion and the second amendment, and the Bill of Rights more generally.  In this context I am also beginning research on the history of sex and politics in the United States.

Still within the cultural historical context research projects are also developing on the history of NASCAR, country music, and the penchant for sweet foods in the southern United States.

But I also teach teachers-in-training. This is perhaps the most satisfying part of teaching for me because I have the opportunity to help serious students achieve their goal. Sometimes these are traditional classroom students, right out of high school, and sometimes these are mid-career students who are attending classes once a week or online.  I teach Content Methods, Practicums, and Classroom Management.